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The two things are NOT always linked.

That being said, it’s easier to be happy when you’re rich because you can avoid some of the things that would contribute to your stress, and affect the quality of your life.

If you don’t HAVE to worry about paying bills, you’ll be that little bit less stressed and you’ll be that little bit more able to be happy and focus on what you want. But not all money is created equally.

HEADS UP – Going off on another random tangent, buckle up!

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The Most Random Blog Post Of 2019 Ever

I know this is a personal development blog and it’s intended to always be that, but I want to write something a little different today. This is a post about literally anything and everything that comes into my mind this morning.

I fancied practicing my typing skills again and so as I transition into my new lifestyle of being self employed (more on this in a bit) I really need to get used to typing fast! So there’s a very good chance no one is going to read this as it’s not targeted around any keywords.


Hello world!

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